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Pentax lens product leaks! A FF not far away?
Here you go!!!!


 Both lenses and their specs!


The info is coming in six packs!



 These lenses are  "so welcome" over on DPreview's  Pentax talk forum that the popping of champagne corks is deafening, 


  It really is FF party time there!

Dave's clichés
I created a new thread just for the lenses.  On the topic of image circle, here is what Ricoh has to doublespeak:


<p style="margin-left:40px;">Its image circle is optimized to cover even the image size of 35mm film-format SLR cameras. As the result, it not only assures brilliant, high-resolution images without compromising the sharpness at edges even when mounted on an existing PENTAX digital SLR camera body, but it is also capable of accepting future models with larger image sensors without modifications. 



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