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The EOS M3
More detail e.g. breakdown by manufacturer would help in the analysis of what's happening out there.

I don't run Canon so I can't say how they might be thinking. They certainly do have a tricky balance to maintain, between keeping their existing users happy, and making whatever might be the next big thing. Sony/Olympus/Panasonic don't have that to worry about so they can pursue a different path. To me the biggest weakness mirrorless has compared to DSLRs is still the tracking AF system. I think Canon will only seriously enter once that reaches DSLR levels of performance. I know current mirrorless isn't bad and getting better, but by all reports they're still not DSLR level.

I'm still primarily a Canon DSLR shooter, but I have looked at and bought mirrorless previously. At the end of the day smaller/lighter fills a niche for me, but there's no replacement to getting out the big guns if I'm really serious. At that point, smaller/lighter doesn't matter. If size/weight is so important, I'd rather have a superzoom compact than mirrorless interchangeable.
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