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Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 test delayed
Centering defect ... I am so sick of this.

Yea I'm surprise given the price point. One of the fellows on fermandia was also reporting that his copy was very soft.

Agreed, very disappointing given the supposedly "PRO" designation...

I'm okay with decentered consumer lenses, but high-end lenses like this one should have much better quality control.


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I'm okay with decentered consumer lenses,
  I'm "not",

    I'm a consumer and cannot afford real pro grade lenses.   To me it means  time wasted checking lenses, returning them to the retailer, waiting the appropriate time for the return of the lens, rechecking the lens and that with the further possibility of additional problems. 

  Lens manufacturers are taking us for fools in no uncertain terms, "what" other industry treats their customers in such a fashion?


  Please answer me that question!


Too bad, was interested  in this lens ....but now I don´t know. Have spent too much time in testing and returning lenses. Last year I sent back 3 decentered Pana-lenses.  

+1 to my own post!

You guys have me worried. How do you easily check for centering defect?

I agree,


The quality of the Olympus for MFT is quite poor according to my young experience with this system.


I had to return 3 times my sample of the 14-42 PZ.

My 45 F1.8 has been sent back this week.


I finally bought a used 14-42 PZ after testing it was Okay

I received the pana 20 F1.7 today and It is just perfect.

And my sample of the panasonic 45-150 is surprisingly good as well.


Is it possible that panasonic is better than Olympus regarding QC ?

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