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White boxed AF-P 18-55mm VR retractable arrives!
  Hi guys,

                The AF-P 18-55mm VR whatever arrived today. Tested and adjusted (+3-4)  My worry of course was one of's fine! 


   How sharp is the lens?  Well actually it's very decently sharp even wide open, to the edges, softens very slightly in the corners,  



Construction is way better than I expected tight build with no play.  Zoom ring is Ok enough, focus ring is totally smooth with no end stops (FBW).


  I should unlock auto corrections to check for vignetting, distortion and CAs to see what lurks behind, but with it I see nothing.


  ........And the AF?    Blistering, faster than any lens I own including the AF-S 500mm F4.  It's almost  instantaneousness and looks it, it really is!   

   This linear/stepper motor has got to be the way to go and as they get more powerful I'm sure it will set new standards for all but the heaviest glass....


   Retracts to a diminutive's don't get a hood though.


    The price: €60 delivered! (from eglobal)     


     My guess is these are from starter packs (D3400+ KL) where the buyer has chosen another lens, even with all the benefits of super efficient mass production I can't see a real profit for Nikon after selling and your shoes I'd buy one........


 it today!    Tongue

Dave's clichés
Yup, have one, too. It's super tiny compared to all earlier versions.

The only issue I have with AF-P lenses is that I can't review them on the D7200... because they have no switches on the lens body, and Nikon does not update the firmware of "older" cameras to add controls in the menus. So, I can't switch VR off on the D7200.

Same applies to the AF-P 10-20 VR.

Seems I have to get a 2nd DX test camera...

   I hadn't even thought about VR yet...other than it works...

Dave's clichés
That's great unless you want to switch it off Wink Which I have a habit of doing for MTF tests...

    Just checked on the D500;     shooting display  d10  optical VR......on/off.


     So you can tell the wife it was my fault you had to buy a D500......... Wink


   ..........or put it Klaus's tab.... :mellow:

Dave's clichés

Well, the D500 is on my mid-term wish list anyway...

For reviews, I'll probably add a D5600 to the lab.

These 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 are generally surprisingly good.

Slow speed, moderate zoom ratio ... voila ... 

     Taken with the above lens,  the rendering is excellent I think, even if it's shot off the computer screen.  :lol:  



    For full appreciation of the image one has to zoom in to the total sum at the right hand corner of the page....... is of course the bill for the recall for the replacement  shutter mechanism of my grey market D750.


   Total    00;00 euros.       Nice!



     Looking closer, the shutter plate unit has been replaced as well as the grip unit (the front grip rubber) and it looks like they threw in a new viewfinder screen!



     We all love these type of Nikon images....... :wub:  :wub:  :wub: ......   they bring out the best in one!!



       Thank you Nikon!

Dave's clichés
    For your perusal, here the AF-P 18-55mm VR at 18mm @F8 


     I know these compressed images don't do it justice....but wow this lens is sharp!

Dave's clichés
Quote:    For your perusal, here the AF-P 18-55mm VR at 18mm @F8 


     I know these compressed images don't do it justice....but wow this lens is sharp!
tilted a little ??? Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue

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