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White boxed AF-P 18-55mm VR retractable arrives!
"A little tilted"


      Yes every morning it's the same until the obligatory "aperitif" at lunch time....things level out quite well during the afternoon!!   Tongue  Big Grin




    Here is the another morning shot at 18mm but fully open....F3.5........basically the same.....very sharp!


  ......... only difference is a slight softening in the extreme corners.....IMHO that's impressive...stop down a stop to see the problem basically disappeared.


Additional specs:  New 12 element design in 9 groups and 2 ED elements...silent rapid focus great for video....7 blades (rounded)....focuses down to  0.25 mts (0.38X great!).....55mm filter thread.....plastic mount...weighs just 205gms......dimensions 64.5 X 62.5 pmm. 


  All for a paltry 60 euros reviews out there Marcus.......and as you have one....that doesn't give you much room to wriggle!  Wink




Dave's clichés
I should not tell you, but Nikon did something similar to Volkswagen: When a VW discovered "oh, there's a snorkel in my exhaust to test if I'm a clean car, I bet, I'm in a testing park" and switched to betray that bloody environment fanatics mode. And soon it was as clean as the river in which nobody from that boats would ever dump some waste in.


With Nikon, it's the tilting sensor detects something around 37° tilt, it's clear, the person behind the camera wants to test a lens. If it's a Nikon glass, all algorithms jump too maximum sharpness  B) clever move, that!



Another advantage of APS-C you can have excellent quality combo for a fraction of full frame price.

80D plus10-18 plus 18-135 will give any landscape photographer all he needs for less than1500$ in,a lightweight combo go check prices in full frame 6Dmkii plus 16-35f4 you are already above that without mentioning that there's no full frame equivalent to 18-135 (28-200 isn't as good)
  I wouldn't recommend snorkeling up my exhaust!  Huh 
Dave's clichés

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