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Sometimes I wish I could understand what drives them... Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8
As long as thay stay inside the Chinese market, chances of a Canon lawsuit is near zero.


Chinese smaller companies also made stuff not done anywhere else such as Contax N to Sony adapter with AF as well as the same for Contax G.

I have not experience with Youngnou lenses

I have bought Youngnou flash few years ago. It was fraction of Canon price. It works fine and I don’t have any issues.

My subjective perception is that Youngnou have a busnes model similar to giottos tripods. – high quality copy products with 1/3 of the OEM price. The drawback is terrible service – Sory the right word is NO SERVICE at all.. My tips buy two pcs and use second as spare parts you are still cheap – 1/3+1/3 = 2/3 OEM price

Unfortunately Giottos tripods are not as cheap as before. Probably the same will happen with Youngnou.
I was hoping for just a little more innovation... like taking some old, obsolete MF designs and reworking them with AF if they have the tech. Why bother with this dross if I have my old, dirt cheap 50/1.8 II anyway... A 35/2 looks A TINY BIT more interesting, but if it's as bad IQ-wise, no one (including me) would bother either.


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