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No new immediate Pentax K lenses at Photokina

          Well what's the news from Pentax K mount at Photokina, well, not a lot, one new body the already known about,  K-S1,  one general zoom DA16-85mm F3.5-5.6 to be available at the end of the year and two zooms that are said to be in preparation.


   Frankly I don't know what Pentax are playing at, everyone's waiting for new lenses and all they bring out is another not yet ready general zoom, (yawn).

  I have no idea why they will "not" produce an entry level DSLR with an articulating screen and built in WiFi, a third of the market wants exactly that; so they lose that market straight away. With their APSc mirror-less projects abandoned and a refusal to incorporate modern features, they are becoming extremely stale with their APSc series, lets hope a few flashing LEDs save the day!


 Their 645Z looks to be a great winner, but with FF snapping at it's heels, is it enough?
They spent lots of $$$ on Q line...  B)


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