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next PZ lens test report: Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM
Quote:About the hood, in the review it says it is included. But it actually is optional. Also, these are the twist on types, but the review (other reviewe too, like the old 55-250mm IS one) calls them snap on.

Agreed, and to note that on the old lens the twist hood is quite awkward to fit - as the barrel rotates you end up twisting the hood against the focus motor. In practice to fit the hood one needs to hold onto the focus ring, which makes it difficult to attach in a hurry or with the camera to the eye. With the new one this might be easier?


I mentioned this as I found in practice the hood is particularly useful for this lens - especially in windy conditions when spray/snow/dust/sand can very easily attach to the front element and drop IQ significantly.


I'm also concerned about storing the hood reversed on the lens. On the old version this is possible but I must admit I never do it because as it would stand in the bag it subjects the moving front element to a lot of sideways pressure which could throw it out of alignment on the long term... Can't see if the new lens/hood combination improves on this in any way.

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