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Preview: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art
Yep... DX reviews finally coming back to life. Long overdue, I know...

-- Markus

It looks as nice as it was when it came out 3 years ago.


Big Grin


Did you enjoy using it?

Quote:It looks as nice as it was when it came out 3 years ago.
Big Grin
Feel free to go on... and no worries, I'm well aware I deserve it Wink

Quote:Did you enjoy using it?
Surprisingly: yes. I was afraid I'd miss reach, but at least on the occasions where I used it (day trips within Switzerland) I didn't.

Honestly, though: it's definitely on the heavy side (for a travel lens) and I did not necessarily need the speed for this kind of usage. But I could imagine it as a "portable DX pro kit" together with the 50-100 Art.

Switzerland is such a small country, with too long of FL you're looking already to France or Italy.  Big Grin


I also kind of imagined it to become part of a Foveon zoom kit for a sd quattro (no "H", just the normal APS-C-size).


But after I felt the weight of the 50-100 I changed plans. With a versatile high res body like the D850 there's not much left for Sigma Foveons.


Now I wonder what your comments will be about focusing the 18-35 with the big AF rectangles of Nikon.
That's especially true for Geneva Wink

I haven't handled the 50-100 Art, yet, once I do, I might change my mind about the "portable" pro kit Wink

Focusing worked quite well with the 18-35, no issues at all. Unlike the 30/1.4 Art...


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