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UV filters for Canon Lenses
I have recently bought a Canon 6D camera with 24-105mm f/4 IS USM and 70-300mm f/4-5.16 IS USM lenses.


Will 77mm and 58mm UV filters fit these lenses?


Thanks in advance.


ADMIN- If my post is in a wrong place do let me know know, I will correct it. Thanks.

If those are the filter thread sizes of those lenses, then yes of course. Question remains, if you have any need for them. 

These are the figures written on the lenses.

Then yeah, filters of that size will fit. 

If you think of UV filters "protecting" your lens, though, a few points:
  • It is much easier to clean accidental finger smudges off a curved front element than a flat slab of filter glass
  • Lens hoods provide impact protection, filters (thin slabs of glass) don't so much
  • Filters break much easier than lens elements. If a filter breaks, it is liable to scratching your front element.
  • If you drop a lens on a filter, it will probably damage the filter thread, and/or be very difficult to get it off the lens.
Unless you are in special conditions, I advice to just use the lens hood to protect the lens, and the lens cap when not actually using the lens/camera. I never use "protective" filters, and do not have any scratched front element.

I totally agree with Brightcolours.

Just add one point: there are few combinations of lenses and filters, where the filters actually touches the front element and therefore add scratches which wouldn't occur without filter. So, if you still think you need to ”protect” those lenses with a thin sheet of glass, make sure to buy a good one. Which could easily be as expensive as the front element of the lens.
Thanks guys, it was really helpful plus I saved some money. Thanks again. Smile

contra UV Filter:  more flare / spots in front light.

No filters just use the hoods .

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