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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 24-105mm f/4 HSM DG OS | A
Quote:Got  mine today. So far I like it and find it better than the 24-85 Nikkor I had before.


One thing is: My D800 confuses it with the 105/2.8 Micro Nikkor and uses the AF adjustment of that lens. In the EXIF is shown the correct data so I'm wondering what's going on? I'm not intending to switch of AF fine tune.

I read once somewhere, that the third party lenses have to fake being a Nikon (Canon... etc.) lens, and pretend to be some existing Nikon lens so that things work. The actual lens data is still being read then from the lens correctly though. I presume there is something like a lens database in each body that checks if a valid lens is mounted, in order to initiate communication protocols. Once communication is established, the body can read all lens parameters from the lens firmware, and apparently doesn't double check. I guess if Nikon/Canon etc. wanted to be nasty, they could do that and prevent the lens from working, although they might have some anti-competitive lawsuit coming then.

Anyway, it seems you encountered an interesting point now with MFA that is lens-tied. If one is unlucky, a third party lens someone is using has the same ID as a OEM lens they are using, and since the body doesn't know that it's a different lens, applies the MFA...  I guess that's a caveat for using third party lenses, if you use MFA. 

Presumably the Micro Nikkor here was chosen because it's a less common lens that 24- xx zooms.

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