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Upps ... I did it again ...
Just citing Britney ... :-)


I thought these times were over but it seems ...


heh, it's going to remain a possibility with every third party products and it's a valid reason for their accordingly lower (in general) prices :-)

Most possibly Nikon doesn't see a better way to make things more difficult for a competitor who delivers better lenses lately than the genuine ones. Old games/habits never die.

Do you realize Sigma is offering a free firmware upgrade service to the old lenses? I wonder how good the old Nikon lenses will work on that body.
I don't know. You need to update the firmware of fuji lenses for the xe-2. I'm not saying nikon change is deliberate but I simply do not know enough about the df and how or if it had legit changes in the coupling.


Having said that - you used to buy sigma because it was cheaper; now adays folks buy sigma because they are better. I really think people should give sigma  a thumb up for good quality and good service (Klaus has hall fo shame but what about a hall of fame?)

I mentioned Sigma's turnaround in the recent lens tests ...

But will that be enough to rule the world, Klaus? Big Grin you2, how about "...nowadays folks buy sigma because they are better." AND still cheaper Wink

Even worse Nikon released (yesterday ?) a firmware update that makes third party batteries unusable.


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