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Pany 12-32 and Oly 12-40 reviews?
Hello photozone team,


Do you plan on reviewing the new Olympus 12-40 and Panasonic 12-32 lenses any time soon?




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But neither of them have are available yet - at least here in down under.

While not availble down under; 12-40 is being delivered in other parts of the world. Initial reports are quite positive but not perfect.

I can spot it in Japan only so far.

Possibly some E-M1 kits are out there.

I'd also like to test the Zeiss 16-70mm but no local signs of this one either.

I think you will be upset with the 16-70; from the few people who have posted on it the lens is quite decent but it takes and arm and a leg to get a version that is not heavily decenetered. Maybe by the time you can buy it they will improve?


Btw how was fuji's turn around time on the 50-200; sounds like it was pretty fast since you are once again working on the review. But maybe you went through the store and not fuji?

Sorry, but not a word from Fuji yet ... not even a confirmation ... no surprise.


Due to Sony's QC debacle, I already hesitate to order the Z16-70 from oversees.

I still remember that it took me two samples of the Z16-80 to get a decent one.

I may order to the Olympus 12-40mm from Japan though.



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