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35mm F1.8G VS 50mm F1.8G sharpness test with D7100
I wrote a post about 35.8G VS 50.8G sharpness comparison mounted on D7100


It's a Korean Blog but I wrote in English too

So It won't be hard to understand what I'm saying

(Sorry about the bad grammar)

Check out if you are interested.



Long story short


50.8G is sharper than 35.8G

(Especially at extreme border)

But they have such a different FOV, so why is it interesting to compare them?


Quote:But they have such a different FOV, so why is it interesting to compare them?

Why not?   It's a lens site, so people here talk about lenses!



  Thanks Rembart

Dave's clichés
Quote:Why not?   It's a lens site, so people here talk about lenses!



  Thanks Rembart
Why not? Are you being serious? 


It is not interesting to know which lens is slightly sharper if the lenses have very different FOV's. FOV determines the photo. Sharpness is just a detail. What is next? Comparing a 300mm f2.8 to a 20mm f2.8? 


It is interesting to compare different 35mm lenses to eachother, or even to compare a 35mm lens on APS-C to a 50mm lens on FF.
35mm and 50mm are not "such different" focal lengths and they are the often the first choice for fixed focals especially at large apertures, I read the article and yes I found it interesting as I'm sure did the the poster, good range of apertures detailed 100% clips. if I was in the market for either of these lenses it could influence my choice, If you didn't find it interesting pass on to the next post!

Dave's clichés
Yes, 35mm 1.8G and 50mm 1.8G has a different FOV.

Yes. it would be more interesting if I had compared with Sigma 30mm 1.4 Art or 35mm 1.4 Art


But that doesn't mean my post cannot be informative 

to those who are considering to buy 35mm 1.8G or 50mm 1.8G


As I wrote in the post

I'm not saying " Don't buy 35mm 1.8G! Buy 50mm 1.8G! "

I'm just showing the resolution you can get from both lenses with D7100

It's not only different FOV but also for different Sensor types, DX and FX. But I guess you know what was the point...  Wink 'sides, for that price none of them is top notch but a bargain for what they cost.

Thanks rembart! Very useful test! You surely helped me to make a decision between this two lens, specially 'cause you have tested on d7100. Could you give me some info how is the 35mm lens in 1.3x crop mode? Is it much worse picture compare to the 50mm? Can you post any pictures as example or any opinion? I'd be pleased! 


Brightcolours: I'm totally new to photozone never read any topic, so I can just hope that most of your 2k+ posts are constructive worthy comments rather than picking on people who gave effort to help. Actually I was looking for the exact information so now you realize even with tons of posts you still not representing everybody's opinion all around the globe Wink

I can't help that you do not choose lenses for the number one aspect of lenses.... their FOV. I guess you will learn in time Wink 

The FOV of 35mm and 50mm on APS-C format, while obviously different, are similar enough that it is an interesting comparison.  They are both on the long side of "normal" or the short side of "telephoto", however you want to slice it. 


The blog post further does compare and contrast the FOV in the first two photos.  The differences are clearly presented and available for interpretation.


These are two extremely common choices for a first prime lens.  Users graduating from their kit zoom will have these two lenses in close consideration.  


Therefore, it's certainly a useful post and contribution from rembart.


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