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The new Pentax K3
Honestly, what you can also see - at 24mp the lens is already a natural AA filter in the border region.

Maybe, but most subjects don't appear in the border region, so this advancement is still very much relevant to real scenarios.


Now what I'd like to see, is an automatic mode where the camera identifies if the scene includes a moire-inducing subject and controls the AA filtering accordingly.

To me the most problematic thing is that the "AA filter" does not work at shorter exposure times... And on sunny days you quickly reach those with big to medium apertures, where diffraction does not yet set in strongly enough to act as alternative AA-filter.

Quote:I understand that the HD designs are essentially identical to the DA Ltds. Thus the only difference can be flare due to the different coating.


I'm well aware that the Pentax community is eager to see new tests but it is prohibitive to buy lenses for testing. Due to the low market share the costs are simply not recoverable. Unless we are see a substantial amount of new Pentax lenses, I can't see a chance for new tests on the K3.
  Well for the moment there's not a lot new to test, there are tests coming out of the HD limiteds unfortunately with no real flare tests which are probably the only visible changes in performance.The prices have of course shot up accordingly, (bad move Pentax).  Indications from what seems like a "Russian Pentax leak" are that, there may well be some new lenses complete with a FF DSLR next year, that could put a big fat cat among the Canikon pigeons.

If pentax designs a new FF system; will it be mirrorless ? You said DSLR so I guess not; but given the direction of hte market this kind of surprises me.

The direction of the market? Really? I'm trying to think of any professional FF camera which is not a DSLR, and I can come up with 0. With good reason.

There are several professional photographers using MFT cameras by now. 

In fact for professional press photography, agencies have started to accept pictures from mobile phone - which is therefore by its very definition a professional photography tool.

Undoubtedly, the A7® will also be used by professional photographers thus there will be a professional grade mirrorless FF camera around within a month.


The only professional space where mirrorless cameras can't go is action photography and even that is just a matter of time.
Just that an individual who is photographer by profession uses some camera does not make that camera "professional", though. Else you can label old Olympus point and shoots as "professional", and the entire Canon G range too.

So, I do not think that makes a "professional camera".


Hence, the A7 and A7r are not "professional FF cameras" just because one or two niche pro's can use it as a tool. But of course some people who earn their money making photos may use them.


I do not see the above mentioned direction of the market for slow (FPS) cameras with slow AF (A7), EVF, low battery life just for the sake of having no mirror box, no. What is the obsession of wanting a mirror box gone with some "internet" photographers anyway?

<p style="font-size:12px;font-family:Helvetica;">….so you have to wonder why just one intelligent company has the obvious best solution for the all-round camera, offering an excellent OVF for fast accurate action photos + a beautiful tilt touch-focus screen for those shoot-from-the-hips artistic shots, all in the one light compact and balanced quality camera, a natural and sensible evolution - the future of photography - no chopping and changing between this and that to empty the confused and despairing photographers wallet here

<p style="font-size:12px;font-family:Helvetica;"> 

....which camera? …. my camera of course :-) .... here's hoping that pentax can do something uniquely sensible too.....


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