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MFT from a FF user's perspective
Hello all,

I think that my experience on this matter is similar to what thxbb12 wrote. I have a Nikon D600 and several lenses but at the end of the day when I travel it is not easy to bring many of them, so I have seen that I usually had the 24-120 f4 as most frequently used lens and a 35 f2 and 85 f1,4 (or 105 micro) sometime in the bag.

Even just D600 and 24-120 the weight is more than 1,5 kg, making it not so confortable to carry around all day long, so I decided to try the Oly M10 + 12-40 f2,8 (bought used just two months, a very good bargain!).

My intention was "let's try it and if I don't like it I can sell it at the same price I have got it". On the contrary, I am going to sell my 24-120 f4 (not the whole FF system for now, I still like it for certain specific situations). It is a general purpose lens, but for that kind of use now I prefer the Olympus couple (less than 800 gr and a 2,8 useful to recover one stop of digital noise in case of low light).

I just forgot to say that with the right lenses, the quality in my opinion is really good (at least in my experience with Olympus M10 body). I have recently tried with that body my old Tessar 50mm f1,7 from Zeiss (I used it on my Contax) through a simple adapter, and the definition is amazing, a very high level of detail (if some of you is interested, I can post it so you can see what I mean).

I switched frfom a Nikon based FF system a few months ago and I have the OMD-EM1 with the Oly 12-40 2.8, the 75 1.8, the 12 f2, 17 1.8 and the 9-18 4-5.6. I have never looked back and routinely print 40x60 cm prints for my clients and myself. Yes, the DOF is higher, but frankly, it just assures that my portraits are always tack sharp and I still get very nice boukeh. My bag is half the siize and weight and I can bring everything for a shoot, including cobra lighting in a medium sized bag. I will surely get the 40-150 2.8 when the price comes down and in the meantime I intend to try the 40-150 from Olympus as well as the 75-300 for wildlife.


MFT is here to stay and I see more and more pros using the EM1.


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