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new Pentax Limited lenses ... sort of
Quote:DOF marks a a (quite nonsensical) relic of the low res. film (small prints) past. Nowadays more and more photographers are finding out just how meaningless those markings are. As is hyper focal distance shooting, although that is only sideways connected Wink

that gave me an idea, it should be done digitally now, on screen, and you can choose your own CoC (for pixel peepers).
Quote: It slowly, step by step, disappears. They have changed company name. No more internet sites with Pentax name ("Pentax Imaging" became "Ricoh Imaging"). The new compact HZ15 looks like ex Optio. Green ring was kind of Pentax trademark, the red one looks like on Ricoh A12 lenses. There was "Pentax" inscription on DA Ltd's barrels, near the mount, which is now removed on these new HD DA Ltds.

 Anyway, I like the Pentax concept, not the name by itself. If it will remain, there is not a big difference what exactly name is engraved.



 Too bad. While in principle you are right that the logo (name) itself doesn't matter to the underlying product, the Pentax name reflects (to me) a serious, good camera, while Ricoh conveys to me more the notion of cheap consumer cameras (and copiers etc.).

I think it's a mistake to  let the Pentax brand disappear (which seems to be what they are doing), I think it will hasten its decline. I mean, what does a potential Pentax customer think if the company doesn't even stand behind the product name anymore.


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