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Next PZ lens test report: 1 Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8
Not flawless, but nonetheless quite nice:


-- Markus


Wow you aim to please; a gentle nudge and out pops a report Smile
thank you. 


is there any chance for 6,7-13mm review in near future? 

Having received my copy I can state, that I'm pretty happy.

Compared to my OM-D EM5 with 25 PanaLeica this combination is worse but not as much as you would suspect (used at f1.8).

Giving the V1 a chance as backup cam (or cam for my wife) seemed to be a good decision (albeit the V1 ergonomics are weird, but a V1 with 10mm, 10-30mm and 18.5 set me back 550 Euro, almost the same price as PanaLeice 25 f1.4 alone).

And I imagine the V1 with 10-100 (if it is optically decent) and 18.5 the perfect travel cam (good enough quality with minimal weigt/bulk at an affordable price).

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