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next PZ lens test report: Panasonic Lumix G 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH OIS II
Given the hybrid camera comming out in a couple of months:

(FT5) New High End OMD is also the E-5 successor (hybrid MFT and FT mount).


Do you expect them to release a native m 4/3 zoom equiv to the 12-60 ?


Also do you intend to test the fuji 16-50 (which to my surprise seems to be near the 18-55 (though a stops lower)):

Quote:The Pana 12-35/2.8 had potential but it was too under-designed to be stellar.

I'm still placing my hopes on the rumored Oly 12-60/2.8-4.

The problem isn't really to reach a sufficient performance but to keep the size and weight down.

The Pana 12-35 was too much on the latter side.
I still don't see olympus doing any kind of "can do it all" hybrid. They won't sacrifice their tiny bodies with huge "legacy" (sorry if it hurts to read) lenses. I suppose we will see phase detect hybrid sensors, or smart mount adapters, or whatever, but they won't be doing that to connect their high grade and super high grade lenses to the -until now- consumer lenses (exception being the 75mm, the only super high grade lens so far in MFT) and assume people will be satisfied with this.


Just my 2cents.

Klaus, could that impression be mostly based on the fact you were still playing around the newly introduced concept of software corrections ? I remember it caused a lot of talk and that you weren't exactly a proponent of it :-). Also, if you think about it, the 14-45 isn't a record holder in this domain anymore.


AFAIK, in use, it's indeed convincingly better than the 14-42 X, the 14-42 mk I Pana, the 14-42 mk I Olympus, the 12-50, ... I've tried them all. None did come close to the 14-45. I don't care so much about retests though :-).


Interesting new lens, though ! I like what I see.



Quote:Honestly, I wasn't quite as impressed by the 14-45mm (nor by the 12-35mm).

I'd say that MFT still lacks a truly high performing standard zoom.

The 14-42 II is the probably best bet for the time being.
IMO in the end most fun of the MFT system is in small fast primes. For me it is much more pleasure to shoot with GF1+20f1.7 than with GF1+14-45mm. Because the small size and light weight it is not that bothering to switch lenses when shooting.

There are two versions of this lens (Pana 14-42/3.5-5,6 II). I was in a shop in Stockholm - a lens sold as a kit with GX7 had plastic mount, but a lens sold separately had metal mount.

Price for a lens (with metal mount) was just 145 EUR.



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