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Samyang 14mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC - Nikon
Hi guys,


just new to the forum.. wanna test my Samyang 14mm on the D3x ? ;-)


Really interested, how it performs - should be around the Canon version, with the added benefit that this Nikon version has aperture control from the body, not only manual. 


Focus feedback regarding sharpness is also there .. alhough pretty useless, at around 30 degrees turn on the focus ring, the camera still reports "sharp" in the viewfinder Smile)) but .. you just have to know this thing and it's okay.. in-room, portraits -> at around 1-1.5m setting it's okay, landscape - at around 3m setting tack sharp.. I don't know what the infinity setting is good for on the focus ring Big Grin but nevertheless the contrast, richness of colors is also just magnificient, I like this glass, biggest fun glass for chips on the market with amazing pic. quality ;-)


Can send it for a test to Germany anytime via DPDHL just let me know. 






A little bit of a teaser (if at all):, EXIF in picture, focus ring at 3m setting.


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