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So finally ... the Nikon D850
You're welcome Smile


As long as you not ask to verify all buffer quantities  ^_^


Of course, I tried to put as much files as possible into it - no auto mode, AF and so on, but I think, there are a lot of processes running parallel: compressing RAW, managing files, sensor readout. To me it's kind of impressive how big the gap between a fast SD II card and this stupidly expensive XQD (= half size CF with a new sticker on it  :ph34r: ) really is. Nearly 90% more pictures in one burst, should do in most occasions. I just don't want to be the poor sucker to sort the better ones out of hundreds.

Matt has been testing with 14 bit files in uncompressed form..........not lossless!




 He's not a tech head for sure!  Wink

That might explain something Rolleyes ... and it's already all over the usual channels. Onyl very stupid persons create uncompressed RAW, but as Nikon claims a size reduction of 20...40% for lossless compressions, his results with this added information do fit again

......and after all those years as that "Nikon Guy"!

Makes him human.




I hope, he will not double the advertisement time for his workshops just to make that up.

After watching his video (I love that guy's accent Big Grin ) I come up with some new thought:


First, uncompressed - opposite of compressed lossless or does he mean "not lossy compressed"? Then, he took a camera from one of his workshop participants. There are some far away dungholes in this menu landscape, I'm not sure what they do, I'm also not sure if there was an XQD card in the slot, but the pictures were recorded by the SD card - this kind of quick mistakes happen easily.


But: He talked a lot about speed (and of course, that's what I would want if I'd up to burn another grand for the plastic (!) grip), but not about all the usual grip downsides. In my experience (from owning 3 different genuine Nikon grips):

  1. dials and buttons of the grip do feel different and most of the times unfortunately cheaper than the same ones on the camera - don't know how or why they do this.
  2. for this amount of money I could get three Fuji grips or two with 4 batteries. And these grips would have not only a socket to charge batteries without pulling them out, but also the charger included to do so - shame on you, Nikon!
  3. the Fuji grips would not need a high voltage battery, but you can get high voltage out of two - or more shots.
  4. grip and tripod: terribly bad idea, except you're up to get that sophisticated wobbling effect in your pictures, blurr them to hell!
But I also have gooooood news: Yesterday with the quick test I was a bit surprised but could not verify clearly:


In LiveView, with silent shutter and manual focus, all the rest set like for the machine gunning with mirror bang: 58 pictures until buffer first time did show a 0 in the counter. Any ideas how's that possible? Yesterday the counter was like 78 or so. Today I got nearly 60 ", full resolution, 14 bit lossless "Muybridge" style shots. And as I was watching the buffer counter counting down to 0, it first went down from 20 to 10 rather quickly, after that it took much longer to come down to 0.


It might be easier to readout a constant stream - like in taking video. Which is pretty cool, that video - I'm not videographer, but I can see the quality.
Quote:Just a quick question a friend of mine had Nikon D5200 however when gong through menus the hourglass was always appearing and the menus were too slow, he sold it and switched back to Canon, any of it on D850 ? those slow menus response weren't noted in any review 
  The delay you talk about is because the camera has gone to sleep, when you open the menu or an image the camera takes a few seconds to wake up again............


                                    ...........I still to this day find it annoying!

Yesterday I saw a YouTube video of Matt Granger testing the camera in Iceland. A bit too much drone stuff, but charming horses  Big Grin


Matt again made a "burst rate check" and again the shutter slowed down after around 22 shots or so - far away from 51. "Are you silly?" I thought and made the very same test with same (?) RAW settings. Around 40... BUT: after I switched for fixed to auto ISO, and the ISO bumped up to 6400, as I focused to a dark spot - the burst rate went also down to around 20. Noise reducction after high ISO? Okay, I could switch that off, it's already set to "don't make too much effort" - but high ISO and high burst rates somehow belong together for birders and sporters, no?


Right now, I'd like to see a Nikon rep shooting a burst with full 51 pictures. I suspect, they work with false numbers here.

  Apparently the ISO setting changes the buffer capacity,  high ISOs smaller buffer....


  Try with a lens cap on, low ISO 14 bit lossless compressed.....should get 51 frames then, obviously with all corrections etc. off!
Makes sense. I will furtheron shoot with closed lens cap, you can't be too careful with al this pollution around and when I come home with 15 bursts, and all nicely, equally, highly resolved black - I only get keepers this way.  ^_^


That's what I did wrong all these years  Huh every photographic mistake starts with an open lenscap.  :mellow: Bloody bastards....


Jokes aside, I suspect, that's exactly how Nikon tested to get the 51 shots. 


Oh, something hard to swallow for the convinced "reputation forger"


Quote:I have used the Nikon D850 with a variety of native and third party lens options (from Sigma and Tamron) and I did not find any serious AF reliability issues with any of the tested lenses.


For this review, I used a number of third party lenses such as the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art, Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC G2 and Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 VC G2. They all performed admirably on the Nikon D850 in terms of overall performance. In fact, in many cases, you will find third party lenses to perform even better than their Nikon counterparts, so there is plenty of value in exploring other glass out there!

But of course, that's only two D850 bodies...  Tongue

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