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next PZ lens test report: Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm f/1.8 ED
Quote:The 60 has less bokeh fringing ... because it's slower.
When I made the comment I was looking at the [email protected] but maybe the image in the review isn't 100% match to what is measured ? Well witht he 75 you have the mouse over image at various aperture for the 60 there is just the yellow ruler though the text seems to suggest the 60 is well corrected - doesn't it ?


Thanks for an excellent test report. I love my 75mm, f/1.8, but when I look through the front of the lens I see a single speck of light.  It is tiny and I do not see it in any of my photos. Looking through with the camera upright (as if I were taking a photo of my eyes) it appears a little off center at about 9 o'clock.  The brighter the light that shines into the lens the brighter it gets. I thiink it could be a flaw in the coating. I looks almost like a star when bright light is on it.


I am very pleased with the sharpness, contrast etc. of the lens and hate to go through the bother of returning it to B&H and also paying the cost of shipping/insurance.  I am even more concerned that I will get a new copy that might not have a 'flaw', but that does not match the image quality of the lens I returned. I am willing to live with a reduction in value of my lens if I  trade it in in the future. I do not think that is likely. Do you think I am 'crasy' if I keep this lens rather than excjanging it?  Thanks.





A lens should be perfect on delivery. However, this is barely achievable it seems.


If a sample is near perfectly centered I would probably accept a defect in coating.

Thanks Klaus. My photos and amateur testing so far indicate that it is well centered.  Unless, something shows itself before my 30 days expires I plan to keeep it.



Check out if bokeh is not affected with this issue.

It should not affect sharp regions in any way.


I would think it would be most visible (if visible at all) when there is a situation that results in flare. Bokeh is typically not impacted but such defects.

Thanks Doroga and anf you2.  I will check for both the bokeh and flare.



Can anyone ansewr this for me? The 'flaw' appears just below 9 o'clock near the center of the lens ,when I hold the camera as if I am taking a photo of my eye and look into the front lens.  If it doesi mpact the actual image, shoild I see the flaw just below center to the right when I look at an image? Thanks.

Any bokeh issues should be visible in all blur circles.

Flare in frame depends mainly on light source position.

Check whole frame.


Quote:Any bokeh issues should be visible in all blur circles.

Flare in frame depends mainly on light source position.

Check whole frame.
I have attached two images that appear to have flare.  The one of the tea pot (I was just fooling around) has a circle that could be from the television behind.  The image of the leaves  has a circle, which I think is caused by the sun.


Could these be a result of the 'flaw'?  Thanks.


[Image: original.jpg]


[Image: original.jpg]


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