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Preview: 1 Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8
Some sample images taken with the V1:


-- Markus


Looks pretty impressive actually.

Except for distortion...

-- Markus

"Distortion is the new CA", said Markus a few months ago. Smile

Still waiting for your review.

I've invested in a Nikon V1 as secondary camera as the price was pretty hot (299Euro new bundled with 10mm f2.8).

Are you planning to do further N1 native lens reviews?

Especially the new more compact zoom lenses would be very interesting as travel lenses!
18.5 review will probably published this weekend.

Yes, I#ll also test the other new native lenses. The standard zoom without VR is already here, the other new lenses (wide-angle and the smaller 10-100 VR) will follow later.

-- Markus

Thank you, Markus!

I'm really looking forward to your lens tests!

Especially the 18.5 with the smaller 10-100VR (if decent enough) mounted on a V1 could be a killer travel combo!

Dou you have a schedule regarding the tests (especially 10-100 VR)?
Sorry, no schedule for the 10-100 VR, yet.

-- Markus

Quote:Sorry, no schedule for the 10-100 VR, yet.

-- Markus

A review of the smallish 10-100 VR would certainly be very appreciated by your readers as there is currently no real review of that lens web wide. Some forum posts state that this lens produces better pictures than the 18-200mm AF-S.

I'm eagerly awaiting your conclusion as I would really like to buy this lens (as long as it is not much worse than the 10-100 powerzoom).
Here are a couple of portraits compared with a D800 + 50mm f1.4 AFS (at f4.5). V1 shots wide open at f1.8.[email protected]88[email protected]/

.[email protected]/[email protected]/


I don't think too many people can tell which is which, in terms of sharpness at least.


I did some basic tests and found that downsized to 10MP the V1 + 18.5 is sharper for wide open comparisons. (Also the case for 10mm f2.8 on V1 vs 28mm f2.8 AFD on D800.)


And as a side note I haven't found any F-mount lens that is great on the V1.


So whilst the FT-1 adapter maybe a good selling point, in practice I've found that only 1-mount lenses perform well on the 1" sensor.



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