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Next PZ lens test report: Nikkor AF 24mm f/2.8 D (DX)
Surprisingly poor borders on the D7000:

-- Markus

The D7000 seems to be to the old Nikkors what the NEX-7 is to the E-mount glass: a killer. Smile Seriously, it looks like the notion of DX being better than FX is becoming one-sided at best, with so many lenses being hit by higher pixel density instead of benefitting from the reduced image circle.


So whither from here? Will you check out the 50s? (I found that none of the 50mm Nikkors have been tested on the D7000 so far, which is kinda odd)

Quote:Will you check out the 50s?

Yes, they are next on the list for DX. Plus some FX stuff.

All four Nikon 50's, btw. Plus the Sigma.

-- Markus


You're a real test-a-holic, Markus. Smile Can't say I'm complaining though - every review makes an interesting read, even for a Canon user like myself.


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