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Next PZ lens test report: Nikkor AF 180mm f/2.8 D ED (DX)
Still a lovely lens.


-- Markus


A nice classic lens. It is very impressive that an old lens can still deliver so impressive results on one of most demanding modern sensors.

I did try this lens - nice and light. I subsequently bought my back-breaking 70-200VR2 instead. If I did buy the 180 the zoom would get even fewer outings, methinks.


The 180's bokeh is very pleasant. One off-putting feature is that changing from close focus to far focus involves a second or two of the screwdriver focus spinning very audibly, makes this excellent optic seem a little 'steam-driven'.


Whilst an AFS update seems like a good idea, one could predict an eye-watering price - so perhaps best left alone!
Quote:Still a lovely lens.


-- Markus

Markus, love you.  Smile


I just bought this lens after months of 'ifs' and 'buts'. At the end, i bought it because i loved the way it renders the photographs. 

I am very happy with the lens, and will come back with the pictures. 


Wonder if this test applies exactly to D800 also because D7000 and D800 have similar pixel density...??


Another thing i couldn't understand was (and this is completely naive): if the resolution is excellent (2500) on D7000...why is it not so on D200? Shouldn't it out-resolve the D200 sensor? Why is the resolution less on D200?



I haven't used this lens much on a D800 but I shot an entire event (except for one image) with the 2nd gen. version on a D300.


It really was one of those "life changing" decisions. Before the 180mm f2.8 my best lens was the 50mm f/1.8 AFD.


Here is a video/slideshow I did with this lens a couple of years ago. Please excuse the quality of the video part, which was made with a point and shoot Sony.


To see it in best quality you need to click on Vimeo and then watch in full screen but with scaling off.


(Incidentally, the music is by a Mongolian band, but you would have never guessed it)
Here're some initial shots with this baby:


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