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Easy to guess...
Is very betta, Masta Testa!

Big Grin


 ............I've always winced when looking at their vignetting figures! this lens is F4.2 in the corners!.....impressive..  :o   or ouch?


 I suppose it saves you adjusting the exposure you just put the subject closer to the frame edge!



Dave's clichés
you will never experience overexposed edges, come on... people are buying gradient filters for something like that.


And I mean, with all that 35/1.4 lenses htting the market (only 50/1.4 are available in more choices) soemone has to make a unique selling point!


Big Grin

     Simply put it's a poor result from the worlds most reputed lens maker!


   I never did test the Zeiss 150mm F4.5 Tessar fitted to my Linhoff 4X5" plate camera, I'm sure it was very nice in spite of it being up against such a frame size............


   ........maybe I will find out soon as I sold it to someone close by who is soon to put it into action!


  both it and the Nikon FM3a are gone!

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Zeiss 35 F1.4?

One of the Milvus-series. I don't think, Markus tested a Distagon 35/1.4 T*

Well... he did Wink It's the Classic ZF.2 35/1.4


So far, I unfortunately haven't been offered any Milvus lens...


-- Markus


So you went to the next museum to get a Distagon. Cute.

  It will be interesting to see if the Samyang's 35mm F1.4 resolution beats it on the FF edges, as shown in the Lenstip review.


  The Zeiss suffers from mediocre coma, polygonal bokeh,strong vignetting and flare.....




   The Samyang equals and betters the Zeiss's resolution at the edges and corners and has almost no flare, both suffer from LoCAs, the Zeiss quite horribly........when it comes to vignetting the Samyang beats nearly all the competition Canon Nikon etc.


    Only the build quality can't match or approach the Zeiss, but neither does price!


   All in all the Zeiss is now showing it's optical age!

Dave's clichés

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