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Next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM (Nikon DX)
Quote:And why are you testing a lens at the end of it's lc, especially when the new replacement is already announced? It's just a question, not a complaint. Since the new one comes as part of the Art-Series, the same one the new 35/1.4 belongs to, I'd be much more curious to test that one instead of that old glass. Huh



Oops, I just realized, I need to be careful not to become a Sigma fanboy just because one real good piece of glass and also, because I had 4 Sigmas before with Pentax mount and never a problem with them. Okay, never such pictures with as with the 35/1.4 either, but that's a different story.  :wub:
This is done probably to have a reference point for those who might think "Is the new one worth buying over the old one?" I wish this had been done for all the lenses that went through refreshes lately: say, it's very handy to have the test results for both Canon 24-70L and 24-70L II on hand, and decide for yourself.


By the way, I almost got this lens (the 30/1.4) once for my 1D Mark II N... it works well up until about f/5, and only then the vignetting becomes objectionable. YMMV.

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