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next PZ lens test report: Panasonix Lumix G X 12-35mm /2.8 ASPH OIS
[quote name='da_bradler' timestamp='1348651830' post='20380']

I'm still just not getting this. Forget the price, but I see people buying this lens that intended to make video/independent productions. As in to use it professionally for producing things worth money.

Isn't this lens a particularly bad lens for video because of the distortion? All of these MFT lens seem like they'd be terrible for video given the extreme distortion, that's basically impossible to correct with video without very noticeable degradation(resolution is much more limited).

The numbers just don't add up, seems like pretty intensive sacrifices for the reduced size. You have the GH2 the GH3 and the black magic camera all with this mount that independent producers are picking up, but all the high end glass is crippled because they rely on auto-correction. I guess it's a "look" but I don't think people will realize what they are actually getting.


As a user you will never notice the distortions - not even in Live-View mode. The necessary corrections are all applied under the hood.

The criticism is basically that these corrections are lossy regarding border/corner resolution due to the necessary amount of image stretching and interpolation.

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