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any plan to switch Nikon FX to 36MP testing?
Hi Admin,

From my own personal experience the 24MP Nikon FX lens testing here with the D3X is as close as it can be to reality, comparing to most other review sites. It often reveal flaws that few others are able to quantitatively describe. For instance the 16-35 f/4 VR is weak on the D3X on the 16mm end, it's even weaker on the D800 with the 36MP sensor.

Hence the question, does the Admin plan to switch to using the 36MP D800 to perform Nikon FX lens testing? It might be quite a bit of work to switch (and unfortunately redo some of the tests on the major lenses), but this 36MP sensor would be here to stay and it would be highly informative to the rest of the world how various nikon lenses perform on this high resolution sensor.

I know it is a lot to ask, but would be interested in seeing how photozone think of this 24 vs 36 MP difference.
No, we have no plans to switch. If you look at the increase of resolution per axis it's not that big and that doesn't justify to switch the test platform and start from scratch. Most of the results achieved on the D3x will remain valid or at least give a decent indication of how a lens will perform on the D800.

-- Markus


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