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Is this DX or FX
Hi fellow photographers,

I have been searching for information about this lens whether is is for Nikon FX or DX and have found lots of conflicting information.

Can you tell me if this lens Tamron SP AF28-75mm F/2.8 XR Di LD Asperical (IF) Macro for DX or FX

Thanks in advance
It is for FX, so both really. It's a good one, I've had it, it lacked a bit of contrast at f/2.8, but was very sharp. Recommended from me.
It is more correct to talk about "APS-C" anf "FF" or "full frame". DX is Nikon speak for designed for APS-C image circle.

DSLR lenses from Nikon that are designed for the smaller APS-C image circle have "DX" in their name. The lenses designed for the bigger FF image circle have no "DX" in the name.

For Tamron: APS-C: Di II. FF: Di.

For Sigma: APS-C: DC. FF: DG.

For Tokina: APS-C: DX. FF: no DX in the name.

Not for Nikon, but just to make the list complete:

Sony: APS-C: DT. FF: no DT in the name.

Canon: APS-C: EF-S. FF: EF.

Since the Tamron has Di in its name, it will work well on both APS-C and FF cameras.
Thanks very much for both of you guys,

I have bought this lens just now and I shall enjoy it.

Thanks again

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