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Next PZ lens test report: Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR (FX)
Not tempted to keep it:

-- Markus

Ouch. I wonder what the new Sigma is going to be like? It would be a shame (for Nikon) if the Art and/or the Tamron would outdo this fancy Gold-ring unit. Smile
Yes, I'm curious, too. However, the Sigma MTF charts don't look too promising.

-- Markus

To me, this 24-70 region was never tempting. But if it was, I don't know how to decide: The asparagus looking Nikkor with nice focus and zoom rings or the big fat Sigma with a (too) small focus ring? Sigma makes some fuzz about special aspherical elements for better bokeh and the OS to be improved (and the one of 24-105 already is very well performing).


But price and weight are still "TBD", so let's see what they come up with. Edit: Just seen the weight, 1kg, what a surprise [Image: bored20x18.gif]

Markus, thanks for this review.

And this is at 24MP sensor, I assume the measurements will be worse on sensor with higher MP.

One small change is needed: "light fdall-off".

Markus, is it possible to post pictures to show the drop in resolution at 70mm f2.8 compared to 24mm f2.8. The drop is quite significant.

The bad CA is most surprising. The example images seem to have most CA "corrected" though??

I just double-checked: CA correction is definitely not enabled in C1. I'm afraid the sample images just don't have enough harsh contrast to provoke it.

It's very visible on the distortion chart, though. This is a 100% crop at 35mm:


[Image: CA.jpg]


-- Markus


Usually you don't need that high a contrast for the CA to be noticable. I guess the blue/yellow nature makes it a bit less noticable than for instance magenta/green.


Are the CA colours consistent though the focal range, or do they change? You can see that with some standard zooms. As far as I can tell from the sample images, it is blue/yellow throughout the range.

Yes, consistently blue/yellow.


-- Markus



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