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Rumored new Nikkor lenses
Quote:I would add

- Zeiss Loxia 21/2.8 (small & super sharp)

- Voigtlaender 10/5.6 (small & super wide)


Also the Sigma ART series as the transformation of 3rd party moving towards the high end.
I'd add the Irix 11mm.
Most every Sigma Art lens has been a revelation for some reason or another, especially...

18-35/1.8 - first f/1.8 zoom for APS-C;

24-35/2 - first f/2 zoom for FF;

50-100/1.8 - first f/1.8 telezoom zoom for APS-C;

20/1.4, 14/1.8 - first of a kind in their respective FLs;


Apart from these lenses with unique stats, we have some other contenders:

85/1.4 - the first lens to give the 5DSR a run for its money in a Photozone test;

50/1.4 - the beacon for every modern 50, one that destroyed most lenses in its class and did not break the bank;


et cetera...

Rover, the 135/1.8 Art really deserves to be mentioned in your list  Wink Outstanding and a bit less bulky than the 85/1.4 Art. As well the 12-24/4 Art which is directly competing to Nikon's 14-24. For less money less flares...


Depending on Klaus' range of "past years", the Zeiss Otii should also be mentioned.


I'd rather say, there have been so many outstanding lenses from nearly all manufacturers - some more, some only more money for not much more - that these Nikon lenses simply fail to impress.

Quote:I would add

- Voigtlaender 10/5.6 (small & super wide).
A friend of mine has it in Leica mount, found it vignetting quite extreme.

As for me I think among the newly added lenses we must mention canon 18-135, an excellent bargain for size, zoom range, image quality and price, IMHO this lens has the best value for money paid.

Canon EFM 35 mm macro with integration of LED light

Samyang 8mm f3.5 a very capable fisheye at very low price.

It's not about the extreme capacity only but also bringing good quality photography to everyone
The shots wide open of 28mm look good, but then we have 28mm 1.8g that is very good already.

No MTF yet?
On more thing: this current release of lenses shows that Nikon have no plans to take a stab at mirror-less market.

Quote:On more thing: this current release of lenses shows that Nikon have no plans to take a stab at mirror-less market.
I don't see the link. If Nikon is planning a new mirrorless platform, it will not be iinstead of FF DSLR platform. 
One of lenses is DX.

I was expecting them to release something similar to Canon M right before the summer.
Well, they still might. But that doesn't mean they have to abandon their key products.

Actually, that DX wideangle looks very tempting, at least for a light weight DX travel setup.

-- Markus

The internals show some inspiration from the Canon too, it looks like:

[Image: pic_03.png]

[Image: lens-construction.png]


Nice UWA for Nikon APS-C shooters, indeed.


The 28mm f1.4 will chip away even more at the price of the manual focus 28mm f1.4. 


The fisheye zoom's internals:

[Image: pic_03.png]


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