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Preview: Leica Vario-Elmarit 12-60mm f/2.8-4 ASPH Power OIS

Any casual comments comparing it (optically) to the 12-100 ?

I was a bit disappointed but the Leica's OIS. As you may have noticed I did quite some shots in an old shipyard workshop. Many images came out blurred (by my standards which, I suspect, are higher than most here) despite not having used overly aggressive (long) shutter speeds. From that alone I'd suggest to consider the Leica primarily if you got a Panasonic camera with Dual IS. If slow shutter speeds are important to you on an Oly body, the Oly makes more sense to me. Technically the Leica is a little sharper - especially in the image center but it gives up that advantage due to a bit of field curvature which wasn't an issue on the Oly. Size-wise the Leica is clearly more enjoyable of course.

I'm an Oly EM5 mk2 user, so I guess I'd side-step the poor lens OIS stabilization issue.

Am I right in thinking though that being a Pana lens on an Oly body, I don't get a whole bunch of corrections applied automatically against distortion, vignetting, or lose some other kind of benefit by keeping it all one system?

I think distortions and vignetting are definitely corrected.

I'm not 100% sure about CAs - bug e.g. the Leica has low CAs on the E-M5 II (but then I'm always using photoshop and PS doesn't care about the manufacturer but only about the provided lens profile).


The only really substantial aspect is Dual IS/Sync IS in my opinion (or the lack thereof).

ok thanks. From another review there was also a comment that hte leica goes to f4 very quickly so the speed advantage is minimal unless you mostly use 12mm. The size is a big plus but that extra range is on the oly is fantastic. 


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