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Next PZ lens test report: Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.8 D (FX)
[quote name='oneguy' timestamp='1305677778' post='8469']

Actually, since 85mm F2.8 has closer superior min focus than Canon (that has smaller sensor too), at the closet focusing point, which one would have shallower DOF?

F1.8 at 0.85 mm or F2.8 at 0.60mm? I suspect 0.6 would have a shallower DOF


You obviously have no photography experience.

Photography is about framing your shots. Not about getting a more shallow depth of field by going closer, just for the sake of it.

Going closer will change the framing of your shots drastically.

So, no, for the same portrait shots the 85mm f2.8 from Sony will have 1 stop worth less DOF separation than the f1.8 lenses from Nikon and Canon. And 65mm is a bit too close for portraits, but not close enough for macro. Still will need extension tubes for that.

Also, 85mm is way too long to take "snapshots from children, around the house", Especially for a 85mm on APS-C, which behaves like a 135mm lens. Unless one happens to have a huge house with very large rooms. But in that case, one would not have a budget APS-C DSLR with 85mm f2.8 lens.

And still, the macro lenses mentioned are fast enough focussing for children who play outside.

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