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Next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM
[quote name='markusw' timestamp='1301664566' post='7293']

Would you consider this as "normal behaviour" for this lens?[/quote]

Yes, a rather huge amount of CA and also Purple fringing is common with ultra fast primes.

In your sample, I'm not sure if this is fringing or simply "normal" LoCAs. I have the feeling the focus is a tad behind the bike. This would explain the magenta casts in front of the focal plane.

At very large apertures, it's rather difficult to find a subject flat enough to completely fit into the thin DOF.

However, I must admit that NX2 did a remarkable job in removing the magenta casts.

[quote name='markusw' timestamp='1301664566' post='7293']

Besides that on DX I have the impression that the borders a pretty good.[/quote]

They are a bit better, yes. A DX review is coming, too (both in Canon and Nikon mount).

-- Markus


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