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Preview: Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD
NOT the G2... but we'll need a baseline to compare the new G2 version to, don't we Smile

Some sample images here:

-- Markus

As I belong to the "we", I have to say no  Big Grin


I don't need to know how less good an elder version of a 3rd part lens manufacturer is because the tap-in console is only working on the new version. Giving me the possibility to tweak the lens' AFMA, VR and other switches plus the possibility to get firmware updates.


For the latter, I don't know how often Tamron will deliver them. Given the Sigma situation, the only lenses with more firmware updates are the Canon versions. Since Nikon is soooo stable (a stone monument is moving quicker than Nikon's management) and so high-end developed  :lol: (or hopeless to fix the quirks only with firmware Wink ) it might be a less important reason to buy.




The arca-type foot alone is worth to skip the old lens. More beautiful, snappy, better looking and still cheaper (half price....) than the current 70-200 from Nikon. I would not go for an old version, it simply is not cheap enough.

Quote:I would not go for an old version, it simply is not cheap enough.
Well, that of course depends on one's available budget or use case (meaning how much one is willing to spend for a lens he or she might not need that often).

To add some numbers: the G2 locally sells for around 1600 and, since announced just recently, is only available new. The earlier model can be bought used (by those who don't mind buying used) for less than 800, so half the price.

-- Markus

An f/2.8 zoom is per se nothing cheap. So, either I want quality or save money. Used lenses come at a risk, but not a much bigger one as I can also bu lemons new.


Going on a budget with 70-200 for Nikon means to me, get the 70-200/4, use VR and stay away from third party stuff.


70-200/2.8 Tamron G1: 1170.-

70-200/4 Nikon: 1400.-

70-200/2.8 Tamron G2: 1700.-

70-200/2.8 Nikon 2600.-


A lens like that is in use for long time and pays over the years 

Hm, well, the reason to get one of the 2.8 zooms (for me) would be shallow DOF. Plus AF precision.

So, a 70-200/4 VR wouldn't fit.

-- Markus

Yes, plus the f/4 has a less pleasing bokeh.


But looking first on budget and then ask for shallow DoF and bokeh is part of the things what we customers wish for no matter if it's possible for the price we wish to pay.


Anyway, everybody can buy and test whatever she or he wants. I just made a couple of times the experience, in the long term it's much cheaper to buy expensive first.  Big Grin

Eglobal   Nikon 1,269   euros

               Canon 1,248  euros    both guaranteed for one year somewhere in Asia


  Both are grey market, they are a bargain.....are you say..."I don' trust grey market".......but..


 there's no guarantee when you buy S/H we all like a bargain ....however the G2 is just sooo much better than the G1!


In spite of it all G2 grey market or S/H G1?...........     grey market wins it for me!

Dave's clichés
I almost bought this this lens last month.

I expect from  test results rare who would be able to tell which photo was taken by which lens on anything smaller than A4 prints, the former one was a decent performer.

Most important aspects for me are by order :

focus accuracy, what's the point having a sharp lens if focus is off

build quality


colors and flare resistance



How cool is that!..

Now I see what I always did wrong when choosing a lens.

My orders are

Color black

Some rings to turn

Mixture of glass, metal and plastics, eventually microchips

Visible screws, not only glued together

Lens pouch, could be rated two steps higher

Lens caps, and make them slippery so I can do a bit DIY

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