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Nikon's flawed dynamic AF modes. D5/D500
"What were Nikon thinking?"


What was Dave thinking? The magic just happens?  Big Grin To me, it already is incredible to get some in foucs shots when doing AF-C. Matter of fact, it is my standard focusing mode - not AF-S. On the D810, that is. On a Fuji X-T2: so much hunting that you'd be calling for a dogs pack to hunt the bloody focus down.


Back to Nikon: There are a couple of parameters to tweak AF-C. Out of interest: Did you assign the AF-L button to get the focus? I use the release button only to relase the shutter. So I feel more free to switch between highly dynamic AF-C to AF-M just by put my thumb away from AF-L button.


Saying, there are a couple of parameters, I would never ever expect a camera to follow a subject through the range of 153 phase detectors. I use Single Point AF-C, or 9 or sometimes 21, never  the 51 I could use. So I first would need to look into the question, if my D810 is better on 51 points than your highly sophisiticated DSLR is at 153. I guess, the answer would be "no".


Why don't you use AF-C with 3D? And set the a3 parameter to something between 3 and 5. I don't know, how the a3, a4 and a5 parameters work on a D500, but sometimes it might be good to read the manual. And complain later...


Edit: From page 101 on there's a lot of information to AF in general and the parameters as well, see manual download


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