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Nikon's flawed dynamic AF modes. D5/D500
 Hi  JoJu!


     Yes I use back button focus, and pretty much uniquely, AF-C release only too  I'm familiar with the focus lock A3 menu as I also have the D750, as it happens I don't use any delay, it's dynamic range AF works perfectly and I use it often especially as the AF coverage is much more limited, you need all the coverage you can get for BIF. 

        With the D500 the A3 menu has been extended and as well as the focus lock delay (5 settings) it also has a extra setting for "erratic- even" in three positions, depending on the style of bird you're tracking.

  As I said this change of dynamic or crippling of the old system has now become known and gone viral, once Steve Perry brought it to light the response was unanimous from users, one by one confirming that in fact it has change from the D750/D810 and no longer functions as before. I just followed along the crowd and confirmed it for myself.

  Nikon in fact brought out a FW update for the D5 to give it 9 point dynamic AF and the expectations were for another to be released for the never came, at least up till now.

  It's not the end of the world though, that does leave Group focus (although a little small in coverage) and 3D which I have tried but the jury is still out as to whether it reacts fast enough and auto AF, which covers all the  frame.

 Steve Perry, who reviewed the camera and is very knowledgeable, waited a month  going through all the possible menu settings before publishing his findings. The few who had noticed, posted and were attacked as troublemakers are now resurfacing with plenty of "I told you so's".


  So there's no doubt that's how it is!....but now I know I can adapt my shooting around it, as I said the little BIF I have done was not encouraging, but things were better yesterday as I was shooting in mainly group mode. I think I might drop down to 7/8 FPS as 10 FPS is sometimes over the top.


   We are on a learning curve here![email protected]/

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