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Nikon's flawed dynamic AF modes. D5/D500
Yes, we are on a learning curve.


You don't use any "delay" - actually, its' a time window for how long the AF-point needs to react for a change of focus. Having no "delay" I expect the AF jumps over to each more shiny object. I confess, I don't try a lot more with my AF-C settings, I found some working for me and keep them on a bench setting. I could also say, they changed something by (re)introducing which is the Group AF and again, I have to confess I don't really understood the working strategy behind that.


And now, they didn't destroy the old system. They just followed (I guess) a lot of user requests and added more functions - like it happened form D800 to D810. Waht they didn't do was trying to simplify the use. Like typical windows users: lots of switches to set-up is a good thing to configure everything. More is always better, no?


Remindes me when I switched to Mac and was searching all these switches, no success, but working with the Mac was for this reason always faster - some people took the responsibility to actually think "waht does he want to do and how can he do it the fastest way". The fastest way to listen to music is tun on a radio, not switching on and adjusting a 48 chanel mixing console with a 64 band stereo equalizer and compressor. But this way of complicating things goes on with each iteration of a camera type.


I was faster with switching from one usual situation to another by just truning the dial from U1 to U2 on a D7000 than I am these days when I have to dig down in menus of a D810 - but that is even faster than adjusting a free of all benches, custom mode options of an X-T2. 


And although it's fast when set up properly - the "set up properly" is time consuming. My reason not to call it a professional camera.


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