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Nikon's flawed dynamic AF modes. D5/D500
  I understand that it a tough call for a user manual to appear in the same box as the camera itself on the prescribed date of release, it must be a logistic nightmare all of it's own, the fact that that all happens, the design of the product, manufacturing processes, ordering and supply of the large amount of components, firmware etc. is in reality bordering on being a miracle!


I suppose it goes some way to offset these minor AF irritations that Nikon have "kindly" introduced to D500 Wink


 I asked before, how are your feelings about the Tammy G2? I'm bowled over with the increased sharpness at the long end at all distances, it's just so much better in all departments. AF is faster and seems very accurate.

   It still suffers from jerky VC at the long end though which is a pain when it's windy, it's this type of slow movement of the camera which aggravates it's stability, if your not being pushed around the image in the VF stays pretty still.


 I did some comparison tests with the Nikor bazooka the other day, at F7.1-F8 at pixel level, the sharpness is pretty much the same and the Tammy's contrast is actually better!  It's one and a half school marks better than the G1!


 I can't wait for Markus to test it!! Tongue  Big Grin  

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