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Nikon's flawed dynamic AF modes. D5/D500
You know, the D810 is not exactly an action camera. Then, here where I live we had literally months of fog. Whereever birds are trying to nest these days, they do it these days under the eyes of a dozen photographers with more knowledge about birds than I have. It sounds like a lame excuse, I just don't feel inspired enough to go out and use the lens more - but when I do, I'm very pleased about handling and results  ^_^


On the other hand: I need my backpack for this combo of Tamron and Nikon. With the Fuji and the 100-400, I can use a holster bag and still have space for one of the f/2 lenses with the converter for 100-400 mounted opposite in the other part of the two lens caps glued together. However, focusing a little animal sitting between twigs and very mobile is nothing for the Fuji. Focus by wire is very cumbersome in this situation. So, I save weight. And diskspace, just because I can't get the picture. Or I get it, but the background is sandpaper because I need to crop.


D500 is tempting me from time to time, but new camera? As long as I stick to my dogma "get a good DAM which can replace Aperture and is not made by Adobe", this would be just a source of more frustration as Aperture, dead as it is, no longer gets support for new RAW types. Not for them stupid birds.... :lol:


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