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Sigma macro's AF inaccuracies call for new optic!
So, on the reputation front I'm leading you one nill.....but hey, it's not even half time!

BTW. I've just found another Nikkor.......AF 180mm F2.8 IF ED @150 euros....a bit worn on the paint front though.

Actually, Benjamin Kanarek, the famous fashion photographer ( vogue, elle magazine etc.) shoots most of his work with the AF 85mm F1.8G and apparently has a huge love for the AF 180mm lens.....claiming it renders superbly!
The seller claims apart from paint wear.....the lens has no faults.......payment by Paypal.

It's only bloody snowing here and settling!

Dave's clichés
Dave's clichés

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RE: Sigma macro's AF inaccuracies call for new optic! - by davidmanze - 02-28-2018, 10:32 AM

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