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Sigma macro's AF inaccuracies call for new optic!
(03-16-2018, 04:24 PM)davidmanze Wrote: ...I tested the 150mm macro again to see what was going on with it.......we know that Sigma lenses do not communicate the full lens data to Nikon bodies.

   What a palava!   eh JoJu?

Please exclude me from this "we", dave. I know that my Sigmas transfer all important data, including distance. I also know, that my Nikons keep on confusing a Micro Nikkor 105/2.8 G with a Sigma 24-105/4 Art and take AFMA settings from whichever was first. I don't know which manufacturer I should complain at - but I do know it will be useless. But even then, I never had a lens showing up each time I adjust it as a different one.  Tongue

Sorry to read that problems. Awkward, I'd say.

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