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Sigma macro's AF inaccuracies call for new optic!
I'm just going to add a little to the Sigma macro saga......confirmation of capricious AFMA !!!!

Continues to add a new 150/2.8 file to produce a double listing when changing a AFMA setting.......even when all listed lenses are numbered.

After deleting the doubled listed will then produce serious back focus........the remaining

You have to switch on/off camera to start again......try new setting +2 to give reasonable focus accuracy..........if at any time you need to change the AFMA you have to go through the whole procedure again, meaning a new double lens file will be produced and the whole cycle will have to be repeated without the lens being listed in the repertoire.

I had capricious things with Pentax's AF including Sigma lens mix ups.

But nothing, but nothing comes close to this ridiculous run around with this lens!!!!

Sorry my last Sigma lens..............

The AF105mm F2.8 micro arrives least I know it will be fully recognised on the D750.
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RE: Sigma macro's AF inaccuracies call for new optic! - by davidmanze - 03-20-2018, 08:23 AM

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