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Half fogged rear element group Nikor AF20mm F2.8D...
   A different viewpoint of the D series lenses!   :o 

  Couplet count, 


  AF-20.......F2.8D  12elements in 9 groups......dead!!

  AF-24...... F2.8D   9 elements in 9 groups......alive and risk free

  AF-28.......F2.8D   6 elements in 6 groups......alive and risk free

  AF 35.......F2.8D   6 elements in 5 groups......alive for the moment.

  AF 50 ......F1.8      6 elements in 5 groups......alive but newish.

  AF 85.......F1.8      6 elements in 6 groups......alive and risk free.

  AF-S 500 ED..F4D 11 elements in 9 groups...alive but OMG! Sad  

Dave's clichés
It's not very clear what you like to tell us, dave:

  • The more elements and groups, the higher the risk one glue layer could get foggy over the years? Yes. What's the news?  ^_^
  • The older (but also cheaper) the lens is, the more likely it can get foggy somewhere? Better foggy than fungus...
  • "alive for the moment" - that's just what I can say about all my lenses - I also didn't manage to find a working crystal ball  :lol:
  It's the "humorous"  side of owning older lenses JoJu!   Wink


 In the event of lenses having individual elements (no couplets) your only risk is fungus, which for the most part is easily cleanable (at the "possible" loss of a tiny amount of coating).


    With fogging your lens is dead!


  It's a bit like owning a car with no electronics around the engine, at worst you have only to change the points or the coil!

Dave's clichés
You can include your Nikkor 55mm f1.2 too, 7 elements in 5 groups Wink

Ughh!      OMG,   also have two Helios's......6 elements in four groups....two sets of twin couplets !!


     ...where's the Valium?   Sad

Dave's clichés
Throw the 20/2.8 D in your coffegrinder or blender and smoke it. With all the liquids you used to break the couplet's seal, you should be a happy grinning man soon.  :blink:

    I don't have a coffee grinder or a blender.....however I have an angle grinder with a felt backed disc..


    Hey!   Smoking aluminum? .Hmmm, Oh I know, I'll mix it with powdered  iron oxide, I'll roll a ten skinner with a big twisted end, just need some magnesium to light it up!! 

                 Thermite joints......yeah man!  they don't come much hotter than that!!  should hit the spot nicely, works for the TGV, should keep me on the rails!  Tongue   :o


   Errr.. anybody got a light? B)

Dave's clichés
 Finally put the lens on ebay sold within 24 hrs! £75/98 euros.+ £8 postage


 I described it "accurately".......... for spares/repairs with misted rear couplet producing images with low contrast, otherwise in good condition.


  OK time to move on...
Dave's clichés
Well, better for it to end up this way rather than as a fishing weight.

Dave's clichés

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