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Roger Cicala tests the 40s fabulous
(03-09-2018, 11:44 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: Huh? It makes no difference whether the camera body has a mirror or not, the field curvature in the image will be exactly the same. Field curvature does not impact AF either.

Sure, but in a DSLR it's a limited area of AF points - and at worst, there's also a different pane of focus unit to sensor. No matter how you try to adjust AF, it's always an indirect system and only at best and lowest tolerances, the outer AF points will have the same micro-adjustment values.

But if the adjustment values are different - and I made a a couple of tests with FoCal, so I know how big the differences are - the system will not deliver maximum sharpness. Which is needed at wide open lenses.

I know you're thinking the system usually is perfect if the assembly was done as careful as one could expect. However, if there are sample variations of lenses, I cannot deny there will also be sample variation in camera bodies. And all I'm saying is, it doesn't matter too much for mirrorless systems.

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