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I just used my 70-200 F4 at a lacrosse game
I got my Nikon D500 last year after my daughters lacrosse season ended. I also obtained a 70-200 F4
 Nikkor zoom shortly after. I tested the combination on my kids playing outside but today was the
first time it was used at a game...3 of them actually. The combination is very capable indeed. I shot
 half at 1/4000 and half at 1/8000 of a second. The lens was wide open the entire time on auto ISO
 and the highest it went was ISO 900. Color saturation and lack of glare combined with deadly accurate fast
auto focus and exposure produced better results than I thought possible. Sharpness across the frame was
excellent too. The review of this lens on this site is one of the main reasons I chose a sincere
thank you is in order. The crystal nano lenses really are visibly superior.

 I have a 2.8 VR2 70-200 on the way. My other daughter performs in plays and inside I will need the
extra stop. I don't look forward to the weight however.

 If you shoot in sunlight I cannot recommend the F4 enough...a remarkable zoom. I shot 3 different
aircraft as they flew over...very high. The detail visible on the monitor while pixel peeping was epic.
 What a great performer!

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