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I just used my 70-200 F4 at a lacrosse game
[quote="toni-a" pid='44367' dateline='1525092174']
For 4 matches 819 pictures that's nothing, for sports I usually take much more, didn't you use burst shooting ??? For that D500 is excellent, for 4 matches I would take at least 10X more photos.
Battery and storage should be the least of your worries, since batteries and storage are quite cheap now, in your shoes I wouldn't hesitate a second getting extra batteries and cards, getting a battery grip is something else and a personal preference, personally I am not a fan of battery grips, others have other opinions.

I shot some bursts...and lots of pics of my daughter! I forgot the spare battery!
I don't want the grip...I like the way it handles as is. Lots of time spent chatting with other parents which cut into well as cheering.

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