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Nikon mirrorless system end of the month ???
This kind of thinking is rather narrow minded, I'd say.

It will be enough if the adapter has one. It has to have an actuator for G-lenses. Maybe they will even offer two different adapters for their very old glass, but here I'd say "rest in peace and become part of history, go to the retired glass section or a museum". I don't expect Nikon to support each item from a 60 year old mount system. And don't come up with your dinosaur lenses which were oh so great at their time. History happens on a daily basis.

Hell, why are so much of us describing things and conclude stuff of not even published or official announced camera systems? Are there some stealthy mirrorless professors amongst us or whut? Why worry about things which are already done, just not released for public? Since you already decided not want to go mirrorless, why waste brain energy on this questions?

In my eyes, it's as ridiculous as Klaus' "I would not even call that a system" - what a joke! How many systems started that small and see where they are now? The market has changed, right, but you keep on ignoring that all Canon and Nikon glass will not dissolve itself in thin air. It all depends how smooth (and costly) the transition can go. All DSLRs of both companies, and all lenses and accessories will not stop working as soon as the new mirrorless models hit the shelves, get that in your head! If any of these companies would be braindead enough to think that DSLR users invest the full package just for being mirrorless now - than they deserve to go down with full sails. I somehow doubt that they are that kind of idiots.

The only real question to me is how soft and easy the companies have planned the era of that change.

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