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Nikon mirrorless system end of the month ???
I'm curious - what makes you think that a Nikon adapter solution is any better than a third-party adapter (on Sony)? Applied magic?
e.g. the native Canon EOS EF to EF-M adapter isn't any better than third-party adapters except maybe build quality.

Also - the Sony case provides a lesson. Initially they did the same - offering adapters for Alpha and EOS. Once lenses were available, they lost interest - obviously - because they want to sell new stuff. While third-party solutions may have been worse initially, they are now better than the original Sony ones - obviously - because third-party manufacturers want the business that Sony is no longer interested in.

Just as a reminder - the communication protocol between the camera and lens is rather primitive. The amount of potential optimization via the adapter is therefore limited.
The key question in this discussion is not the adapter - the key question is whether the AF-S drive can be aligned to the hybrid AF used on mirrorless cameras. If you switch your Nikon DSLR to live view mode (or however Nikon calls this), you may be able to answer that question to some degree (because the priority of the PD AF portion will decrease in low light whereas contrast AF is emphasized).
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